The Lusher Gallery is a full-service company offering support to buyers and sellers in the fine art industry. For those of you who do not have the time to do your own research regarding a work of art's availability, authenticity, or provenance, know that we offer discrete and personal service to dovetail your collecting needs and wants at any point in the art-buying process.

We offer a variety of services that you may find useful:

Advisory services regarding acquisitions and buying on your behalf.
We are more than happy to help you think through any buying decision.  We can source works on your behalf at the fairest market value price using our extensive network of Art World Professionals, mostly in The Americas and Europe.  For absolute discretion, we can also bid on your behalf at auction.

Shipping, framing, conservation. 
If you ever have questions about moving or reframing a work you own, our Team is ready to help.  We work with the best paper and fine art conservators in New York, London, and beyond. We care deeply about maintaining our inventory, and yours.  

Need to sell a Work of Art you already own? We can help you with that too. 
Using our Art World connections with other collectors, dealers, galleries, and museums, we can help find a happy new home for your prized Works of Art and Antiques.

We believe that small business operations like the Lusher Gallery  provide a unique, deeply personalized, art-buying experience, one of which we are very proud. As Bermudians throughout the Island know, there are distinct advantages to having deep local roots in a small community like Bermuda. 

We are your Fine Art Dealer for Works of Art and Antiques of the Islands, as they relate to Bermuda, The Bahamas, Jamaica, and other West Indian Islands. Should your collecting interests lie elsewhere, our staff are passionate Fine Art Professionals who want to help you find that perfect investment-grade Work of Art or Antique to provide you with a daily aesthetic return on that investment.  We look forward to sharing our friendly, refined, and specialized service and expertise in all things Bermuda- and Fine Art-related.