A partial list of Jamaican or Jamaica-related Artists of interest to us, mostly, but not all, working prior to 1960:

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Albert Artwell (b. 1942), Jamaican (bio here) 

Esther Anderson (b. 1946), Jamaican actress and photographer

Albert Ernest Backus a.k.a. Beanie Backus (1906-1990), American artist who worked in The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and had a second home in Jamaica

James Richmond Barthé (1901-1989), American, moved to Jamaica in 1947, then was active in Haiti

Isaac Mendes Belisario (1795-1849), Jewish Jamaican

Harry Benson (b. 1929) Scottish, active in the Carribean ca. mid-1960s, including Jamaica and the Dominican Republic

William Berryman (active 1808-1816), English artist active in Jamaica

(Brother) Everald Brown (1917-2003), Jamaican painter and instrument-maker


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Frederic Edwin Church (19th-century), American, active in Jamaica in 1865

Eldzier Cortor (1916-2015), American, active in Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba 1949-1951

Sir Noël Peirce Coward (1899-1973), English, lived and died in Jamaica (Bio here)

Thomas Craskell (active 1748-1758), British, worked in Jamaica


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Leonard Daley (ca.1930 - ca. 2006), Jamaican

John Dunkley (1891-1947), Jamaican painter and carver, active mid-1930s-1947

Ras Dizzy (1932-2008), Jamaican Rastafarian poet/philosopher, painter


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Gloria Escoffery OD (1923-2002), Jamaican painter, poet and art critic


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Colonel Lionel Grimston Fawkes (1849-1931), British, active in the Caribbean 1880s, including Barbados (1880), Jamaica (1880, 1883), Haiti (1882), Trinidad (1883), and St. Vincent and Dominica (dates uncertain)

Wilfred "Jabba" Francis (1924-2013)

John Athill Frith (1835 - 1907), Bermudian photographer, active in Jamaica (Bio here)


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Albert Huie (1920–2010), Jamaican (Bio here)

Elmer Hader (1889-1973), American, traveled sporadically throughout the Caribbean (including Jamaica and Haiti), early 1940s-late 1950s

Koren Der Harootian (1909-1992), Armenian/American, in Jamaica 1929-1944

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Allan “Zion”(Isaac) Johnson (1930-2001), Jamaican

Byron Johnson (20th Century), Jamaican


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Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000), American, in Jamaica Ca. 1964

Michael Leszcynski a.k.a. Michael Lester (1906-1972), Polish/Jamaican


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Dodge MacKnight (1860–1950), American, in Jamaica circa 1906 (Bio here)

Edna Manley (1900-1987), English, active in Jamaica since her arrival in the early 1920’s

Florence Helena McGillivray (1864-1938), A prolific sketcher and painter, McGillivray, in addition to Jamaica, traveled widely including to the Bahamas, Bermuda and Trinidad

Fritz Sigfried Georg Melbye  (1826-1869), Danish, active in the Caribbean 1840s-1860s, including St. Thomas (1849), St. Croix (1852), Cuba (ca. 1864), the Dominican Republic (ca. 1864), and Jamaica (1865)

John Minton (1917-1957), British, in Jamaica ca. early 1950s

Ronald Moody (1900-1984), Jamaican-born sculpture artist

James Wilson Morrice (1865-1924), Canadian, active in Cuba, Jamaica, and Trinidad


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Karl Parboosingh (1923-1975), Jamaican

David "Jack" Pottinger (1911-2004), self-taught Jamaican artist


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Roy Reid (1937-2009), Jamaican Intuitive artist

Mallica “Kapo” Reynolds (1911 - 1989), Jamaican painter and carver

Horace Wolcott Robbins (1842-1904), American, in Jamaica 1865

George Robertson (birth year unverified, d. 1788), British, active in Jamaica


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Karl Shrag (1912-1995) German/American, active in Jamaica (dates uncertain)

Kenneth Abendana Spencer (1929-2005), Jamaican

Hiroshi Sugimoto (b. 1948), Japanese, active in Jamaica ca. 1980


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Basil Barrington Watson (1931-2016), Jamaican artist who painted portraits of many notable figures

Osmond Watson (1934-2005), Jamaican

Edwin (E.) Ambrose Webster (1869-1935), American, active in Jamaica (Bio here)

Philip Wickstead (1763-1786), British, active in Jamaica


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