A partial list of Barbados Artists of interest to us, mostly, but not all, working prior to 1960:

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Ras Akyem (birth year unknown), graduate of the Edna Manley School of Art in Jamaica, active in Barbados.  

Edward H. Arden, R.N. (1843-1879), British, active in the Caribbean ca. 1874-1878, including Antiqua, Barbados, Jamaica, St. Kitts, St. Thomas, and Trinidad

Romare Bearden (1911-1988), American, active in St. Martin and Barbados ca. 1960s - 1980s

Evelyn Montague Bicknell (1857–1931), American, frequent visitor to Bermuda: 1900–1924; active in The Bahamas and Barbados ca. early 1920s

Agostino Brunias (ca.1730-1796), Italian, active in the Caribbean ca. 1864-1896, including Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Kitts, St. Vincent, and Tobago


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William Carpenter (1818-1899), British, active in Barbados ca. late 1850s; active in Jamaica ca. early 1860s

Amel Chamandy (birth year unknown), contemporary Canadian photographer, active in Barbados

William Chamberlayne (1821-1910), British, active in Barbados and Jamaica ca. 1860s


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Colonel Lionel Grimston Fawkes (1849-1931), British, active in the Caribbean 1880s, including Barbados (1880), Jamaica (1880, 1883), Haiti (1882), Trinidad (1883), and St. Vincent and Dominica (dates uncertain)


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Stanley Greaves (birth year circa 1935), Guyanese artist and long time resident of Barbados. 


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Cecil Rochfort D'Oyly John (1906-1993), British, active in Barbados, also active in Trinidad & Tobago

William Johnston (1732-1772), American portrait painter active in New England, moved to Barbados in 1770


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Haynes King (1831-1904) Barbadian/British, active in Barbados ca. early 1850s

Donald Morris Kirkpatrick (1887-1966), American, active in Bermuda 1920, 1929, 1933-1966; active in the Caribbean (dates uncertain), including Barbados, Dominica, and Trinidad (Bio here)


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James Edward Hervey (J.E.H.) MacDonald (1873 – 1932), Canadian, active in Barbados 1931-1932

Robert J. MacLeod (1888-1977), Canadian, in Barbados (dates uncertain)

Oliver Hilary Sambourne Messel (1904-1978), British, active in Barbados ca. 1960s-1970s


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William Goodridge Roberts (1904-1974) Canadian, born in Bridgetown, Barbados

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Joseph (born Giuseppe Michele) Stella (1877-1946), Italian-born American, traveled to the West Indies, especially Barbados 1937-1939


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Mary D. Tothill (birth/death dates and nationality unknown), active in Barbados ca. 1880-1885

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Jill Walker (b. 1927), English, active in Barbados ca. mid-1950s - Present

Frederick Judd Waugh, (1861-1940), American, active in Barbados ca. early 1920s

John Whorf (1903-1959), American, active in Barbados and Jamaica (dates uncertain)

Charles Herbert Woodbury (1864-1940), American, active in the Caribbean, primarily 1920s-1930s, including Grenada (1905), St. Kitts (1926),

Dominica (1927, 1937-38), Nevis (1928), St. Lucia (1928), St. Thomas (1928), St. Croix (1929), and Barbados and Monserrat (dates uncertain)


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Gerrit Willem van Yperen (1882-1955), Dutch painter active in Bermuda, Trinidad and Barbados (Bio here)


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