About The Gallery

The Lusher Gallery is a privately owned and operated boutique dealership based in New York, bringing forth over three decades worth of experience in the art market as it secures for its clients the highest quality, discretely individualized services and assistance in navigating the often byzantine world of deal-making (and as such operating by prior appointment only). The Gallery’s owner and director is Nicholas Lusher, considered by many to be one of the world’s foremost specialists in all genres of Bermuda-related Antiques and Fine Art, a field which he has embraced for his entire professional career of over thirty years. Mr. Lusher takes a passionate interest in trading historic and contemporary paintings, watercolors, and drawings (Bermuda-themed and otherwise), as well as vintage photographs, rare books (including signed and inscribed books), historic prints and antique maps, historic autographs and manuscripts, quality paper items, sculpture, coins, antique silver, and banknotes. Prior to his permanent move to New York City in January, 2011, he operated two "brick and mortar" galleries in Bermuda, and served as a trustee at both the Bermuda National Gallery (where he guest-curated and lectured) and at the Bermuda Society of the Arts, a non-profit institution dedicated to Contemporary Art. Besides its unique position as specialists in Bermuda-related Works of Art, the Lusher Gallery has recently expanded its interest and expertise to Caribbean and West Indian Fine Art as well.

By virtue of its three-decade long history of intimate involvement with the International Art Market on a daily basis, its participation in many of the industry’s leading events and symposiums, and its rigorous and extensive networking activities throughout the globe, the Gallery prides itself on its ability to provide the highest standard of due diligence on behalf of its clients as it delivers its many highly-personalized services, such as custom-tailored professional searches for specific artwork; in this regard, the Gallery is more than happy to help its clients think through any buying decision. Using an extensive network of Art World Professionals, it can source works at its clients' behest at the fairest market price. For absolute discretion, the Gallery can also bid on its clients’ behalf at auction. If a client should desire to re-sell a Work of Art they already own, the Gallery can employ its substantial network of collectors, dealers, other galleries, and museums in seeking to find the right fit at the best price. The Gallery is also well-positioned to provide assistance in those areas of the market concerned with conservation, framing, insurance, and shipping; as such, if you should harbor any questions about moving or re-framing a work you own, feel free to query the Gallery. By working with the best paper and fine art conservators in New York, London, and beyond, the Gallery is well-poised to bring these often complex processes to successful resolution. 

Recently, the Lusher Gallery entered into a collaborative venture with the Winston Art Group, the nation’s leading independent art appraisal and advisory firm, specializing in confidential and objective appraisal services and advice on the acquisition or disposal of all fine and decorative art, jewelry, and collectibles. The Gallery and the Winston Art Group will work together to guide and assist its Bermudian and Caribbean clients with acquisitions and sales in the local island markets, bringing to bear the Gallery’s expansive history and experience in these markets with the Winston Group’s appraisal, advisory, and collection management departments. 

Another collaborative effort undertaken recently by the Gallery is a joint venture with the talented 27 year old portrait painter Nick Gebhart, a Rhode Island native now based in Chelsea and DUMBO, New York City. Gebhart has earned both a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts (Rhode Island College: 2013) and a Masters in Fine Arts (New York Academy of Art: 2015). His modern interpretations of classic portraiture painting have won him numerous awards and scholarships. Irrespective of where you may be based, the Gallery can provide you with a special opportunity to work closely with this unique contemporary artist, acting on your behalf to liaise and coordinate logistics throughout the process.

Over the duration of the Gallery’s existence, it has handled many major works by artists of both historical and contemporary renown, including: Reynolds Beal, William Chadwick, Steven Etnier, Colonel Edmund G. Hallewell, Norman Lewis, George Luks, Dodge Macknight, Georgia O’Keefe, Clark Greenwood Vorhees, and Edwin Ambose Webster. Also, the Gallery, while in its "bricks and mortar" phase in Bermuda, was responsible for giving the acclaimed international portrait artist Henry Ward his first two inaugural shows. Ward has thus far gone on to exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery in London, the House of Lords in Westminster, and other major artistic venues of note. Historic collectibles by Mark Twain and J.D. Salinger have also been sourced and handled by the Gallery.

In sum, the Lusher Gallery prides itself on delivering a unique, deeply personalized, art-buying experience, backed by the trust and faith earned as the result of over three decades of unimpeachable integrity and concern for its clients’ best interests. 

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